Knitted Construction Netting Bags

Knitted Nets/ Produce Bags


Colourful nets with a drawstring for easier opening. Practical for kindling and logs.

Knitted nets have a looser weave than the woven nets, making them more suited to larger products, although not necessarily heavier products. We have a range of sizes in stock to help package logs, kindling, large vegetables etc.

  • Looser weave.
  • Range of sizes in stock.
  • Great for larger items.

Please select the size, colour or price of bag you wish to purchase to see the various quantity breaks we offer.


Colour Size(cm) Price Per 1000
Orange 20x27 £106.60
Dark Green 20x27 £106.60
Dark Green 27x35 £127.40
Orange 27x35 £127.40
Yellow 27x35 £127.40
Orange 32x48 £141.70
Dark Green 32x48 £141.70
Yellow 32x48 £141.70
Orange 42x52 £162.50
Orange 46x57 £171.60
Dark Green 49x69 £210.60
Dark Green 53x75 £222.30