Anti Rust VCI Paper Rolls (2 Sizes)

Anti Rust VCI Paper Rolls (2 Sizes)

Anti Rust VCI Paper Rolls (2 Sizes)


We stock VCI paper rolls, suitable for different metals and available in different paper weights and formats: PE coated, wax and barrier coated corrugated and protective 1 or 2 sides. VCI papers are available in custom sizes or from stock on 900mm or 1000mm x 200 M reels, in 44GSM and 50GSM


Our VCI Papers are available in a range of other thicknesses and supplied as Rolls or flat cut sheets, Extendable, creped versions, reinforced, Wrappers, interleaves, inserts for bags and boxes.
VCI papers use VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) technology to ensure moisture does not damage or erode valuable parts.


This clean and safe way of providing protection to metal parts is unrivalled in its simplicity. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals benefit from the active VCI which releases inside the package to provide protection. Whilst the VCI is released as a vapour it is dry and safe to touch. The VCI can remain effective for up to two years and in some cases, beyond. Even past this point the active ingredients will still provide a level of protection. It is important the VCI paper is stored and used according the guidelines to maximise the effectiveness and lifespan of the product.



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