VCI Lay Flat Tubing 400G

VCI Lay Flat Tubing 400G

We stock a range of Black VCI 400g LFT in sizes from 2" - 9"

Any other widths are available on a short lead time

VCI (Vollatile Corrosive Inhibitor) can be added to any film colour at 4%.

A popular colour is Blue, but we can produce in Clear or Black on request - this doesn't affect pricing


2” Black VCI – 400Gauge  

3” Black VCI – 400Gauge 

4” Black VCI – 400Gauge 

5” Black VCI – 400Gauge  

6” Black VCI – 400Gauge 

7” Black VCI – 400Gauge  

8” Back VCI – 400/Gauge

9” Black VCI – 400Gauge