Builders Bags / Woven Poly Bags / Netting Bags/ Rubble Sacks is a 'One Stop Shop' online mail order company that provides a variety of styles of sacks for all your disposal needs for domestic or commercial building projects or cleaning tasks. These include asbestos disposal sacks, heavy duty rubbish bags, rubble bags, woven white polypropylene sacks and netting bags. Just click on the links below to order our competitively priced products. We offer heavy discounts for bulk buys.

Asbestos Removal Sacks Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks Netting Bags

Builders Rubble Aggregate Sacks Woven White Polypropylene Sacks


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About Us is a 'One Stop Shop' online mail order company supplying a comprehensive range of quality polythene products (and associated products) at competitive prices.

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