Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks

For your heavy duty refuse sack needs, look no further than the mail-order company Epoly Bags. They carry refuse sacks that are 18" X 29" X 39" in a width by length by height measurement and can be used for all sorts of purposes. These could be used as trash liners for medium sized waste baskets, taken out to pick up trash, or used to clean out buildings. Their heavy duty style refuse bags hold quite a bit of trash and come in a variety of amounts. 100 sacks cost only £31.68, 500 sacks cost £27.72 1,000 sacks will cost a meager £23.76 in a price per thousand frame. No order is too small or large. If these quantities do not meet your requirements or are a bit too much, simply contact our sales department for an adjustable quote to fit your need. You can find these refuse sacks for all your heavy duty needs at:

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