VCI Packaging (Reels/Bags/Sheets)

VCI Packaging (Reels/Bags/Sheets)

VCI Packaging (Reels/Bags/Sheets)

Anti-Corrosion VCI Packaging; bags, films, paper and liquids for the protection and prevention of corrosion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, parts or products.

UK produced supply of VCI Packaging Products with a 4% additive in Bag, Film, Liquid and Paper form

VCI bags are available from 25mu (100g) to 250mu (1000g) and supplied in both Flat and Gusseted and with Drawstring option

VCI film/sheeting can be supplied on Reels, Pre-cut Sheets from 50mm wide to 12M

Tubing can be produced from 75mm to 6M wide.
Also supplied as Bubble Film

We also have a range of VCI Paper Products suitable for different metals, in various paper weights and formats, such as; PE Coated, Wax & Barrier coated corrugated and protective 1 or 2 sides. VCI Papers are available from stock on 900mm wide x 200M reels. Available in various thicknesses and supplied as Rolls or Flat Cut Sheets, Extended, Creped and Reinforced. Wrappers, Interleaves, Inserts for bags and boxes.

All VCI Films contain 30% recycled material

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