MC3 (MouthEze) Mouth Cleansers

MC3 (MouthEze) Mouth Cleansers
MC3 is a safe replacement for the sponge mouth swab
and available in two colours - white and yellow.
This provides a visual aid to hughlight oral hygiene over
a 24 hour period.

People who will benefit from Mc3 are those in residential
and care settings, hospital settings.
Each MC3 is individually packaged and sealed for hygiene purposes.

MouthEze (Mc3) can be used:-
  • Moisten lips, tongue and soft tissue inside the mouth
    with water, water based gels and mouth rinses.
  • Clean a coated tongue.
  • Remove retained food and debris from the mouth.
  • Remove sticky tenaciuos secretions, crusty plugs on
    the palate and stringy saliva following cancer therapy treatment.
  • As an aid for oral desensitisation

Why choose MC3.

Unlike brushes, MC3 cleansthe tissues and collectrs the debris simultaneously.
Unlike sponge swabs, the cleaning head of the MC3 will not detach and form a safety hazard.

Who is it suitable for.

MC3 is ergonomically designed to cleanse and clean the mouth. It has been assessed and 
tested with a wide range of patient groups from each end of the healthcare spectrum from
older people to patients in specialized intensive cars units.


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