Coloured / Tinted Poly Bags (Medium/Heavy-duty)

Coloured / Tinted Poly Bags (Medium/Heavy-duty)

Coloured / Tinted Poly Bags (Medium/Heavy-duty)

We stock a range of LDPE polythene bags in 200g (50mu), 300g (75mu), 360g (90mu), 460g (115mu) and 520g (130g) and with a 3% coloured tint.

Available in both gusseted and non-gusseted sizes from 4x4" to 30x50x54" (wheelie bin liner size)


Stocked in the following coloured tints and sizes:-

Green Poly Bags: 100 x 100mm x 90mu (4 x 4"
Green Poly Bags: 150 x 150mm x 90mu (6 x 6")
Orange Poly Bags: 225 x 300mm x 75mu (9 x 12")
Orange Poly Bags: 457 x 457mm x 50mu (18 x 18")
Green Poly Bags: 457 x 600mm x 75mu (18 x 24")
Yellow Poly Bags: 300 x 515 x 750mm x 50mu (12 x 20.75 x 30")
Orange Poly Bags: 400 x 650 x 800mm x 130mu (16 x 26 x 32)
Green Poly Bags: 900 x 900mm x 115mu (36 x 36")
Green Poly Bags: 750 x 1250 x 1350mm x 115mu (30 x 50 x 54")

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