Display Bags - PP Bags - Cellophane Peel N Seal

 Display Bags - PP Bags - Cellophane Peel N Seal sell a wide range of clear retail display bags so you can present or package your products in an eye-catching way. They are ideal for a wide range of uses including for displaying greeting cards, prints/mounts, photography, artwork, and for packaging magazines. Our high quality plastic display bags are also known as polypropylene bags, PP bags, polypropylene packing bags, re-sealable polypropylene bags, or Peel n Seal as they are available with peel back and re-sealable strip as standard. Re-sealable polypropylene bags are a cheaper option than cellophane Peel n Seal and are therefore considered excellent value for money.

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45mm - 100mm Width 102mm - 150mm Width 152mm - 205mm Width

205mm - 305mm Width 305mm - 650mm Width Hanging Hook Bags