Anti Rust VCI Paper

Anti Rust VCI Paper

Designed to protect against rust and tarnish primarily of ferrous metals, VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) paper will assist in the long term protection of steel, cast iron, copper, brass (with Zn content up to 20%), bronze in both transit and storage. Simply store or ship the parts wrapped in our VCI paper and they will stay dry, clean and rust-free.

Due to the design of this advanced product, it protects without leaving a greasy or waxy residue, meaning that the goods can be used immediately without any cleaning procedures. This paper slows the process of corrosion; it cannot remove any corrosion that has already formed before wrapping.

VCI paper is commonly used for the protection of metal parts in engineering, engines, drills and large iron items such as gates and railings. The paper can be treated as normal paper waste and is recyclable. We also recommend that if storing goods, they are to be re-wrapped after two years to extend the period of protection.

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