Jiffy Furniguard & Furnisoft Bubble Laminate - (Alternative to Bubble/Foam)

Jiffy Furniguard & Furnisoft Bubble Laminate - (Alternative to Bubble/Foam)

Jiffy Furniguard, Furnisoft & Furnimaster Bubble Laminate - (Alternative to Bubble/Foam)

Jiffy furnisoft and furniguard are used as alternative material to standard bubble / foam and offer enhanced protection for furniture products.

Furni-GUARD is a sandwich construction with Astro Bubble laminated to a printed LDPE film on one side and a simulated paper LDPE on the other side. Furni-GUARD offers increased strength, puncture resistance and cushioning protection when compared to regular bubble or paper blankets. Ideal for domestic, business and overseas removals, furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Furni-SOFT is the latest addition to the Furni range, designed specifically to protect furniture with delicate surfaces from knocks, scuffs and abrasion. Furni-SOFT combines all the protective qualities of Furni-GUARD‚ with an extra gentle, non-abrasive layer. Customers looking for a modern alternative to woolen blankets have been impressed with the presentation and protection Furni-SOFT has to offer.

Furni-master is a generic laminated bubble blanket product for the furniture/removals industry, made from a combination of bubble wrap and LDPE paper in a sandwich construction.

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