Masking Tape

Masking Tape

This versatile tape can be applied to such a wide range of tasks because of its unique combination of features. The pressure sensitive low tack adhesive is the main element that allows masking tape to function effectively as a craft or decorating tool that does not damage the surface it adheres to when removed. The thin paper carrier allows the tape to be painted without bleeding onto any surrounding surfaces, ensuring a clean line is kept.

Thanks to the low tack adhesive and paper surface, masking tape is very popular across a variety of industries for temporarily covering areas.

Decorators will rely on ‘painters tape’ for masking off areas of homes to prevent paint from dripping onto skirting boards or adjacent walls, for example. Masking tape is chosen for this task to remove the risk of bleeding or surface damage upon removal.

Since its invention in 1925, workers in the automotive industry have also utilised masking tape to mark off areas where auto body paint was not required.

An assortment of craft projects can be facilitated with masking tape such as those including spray paint, marbling or watercolour painting.



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