Catering and Retail Disposables

Catering and Retail Disposables

Foil Lined Sheets
They are the ideal food wraps for serving burritos, burgers, sandwiches and kebabs.

GreaseProof Sheets 

   ►Imitation GreaseProof Paper 
      The highly grease-resistant material means these paper sheets won't absorb
      any excess grease or fat, keeping customers' hands mess-free.

   ►Premium Pure Bleached GreaseProof Paper
   ►Silicone Paper Reams

Carrier Bags
250 x 350+100mm / 10x14+4" / 40/80Mic / 160/320g
250 x 400+100mm / 10x16+4" / 45/90Mic / 180/360g
375 x 450+75mm / 15x18+3" / 45/90Mic / 180/360g
550 x 450+75mm / 22x18+3" / 45/90Mic / 180/360g
600 x 575+100mm / 24x23+4" / 45/90Mic / 180/360g
700 x 500+100mm / 28x20+4" / 45/90Mic / 180/360g
700 x 575+100mm / 28x23+4" / 45/95Mic / 180/360g

Delicatessen Counter Bags
"Bags on Roll" Boxed HD Counter Bags (10Mu) (all sizes)
"Classic" White Pack HD Counter Bags (7Mu) (Lipped) (all sizes)
"Premier" Yellow Pack HD Counter Bags (11Mu) (Lipped) (all sizes)
"Superior" Boxed HD Counter Bags (11Mu) (Lipped) (all sizes)
HD Imported Counter Sheets (8/10Mu) (all sizes)

Food Industry Supplies
   ►Catering Disposables
   ►Cleaning Chemicals
   ►Clear Vacuum Pouches
   ►Disposable Workwear
   ►First Aid
   ►Labels/Day Portion Bags
   ►Paper Disposables
   ►Safety Wear/Workwear
   ►Waste Sacks

Food Packaging Vacuum Pouches
   ►Black Vacuum Bags
   ►Clear Vacuum Pouches

Food Service
   ►Absorbent Pads/Meat Pads
   ►Burger Wrap
   ►Butcher Sheets
   ►Clear Microwaveable Container & Lid
   ►Cling Film/Aluminium Foil
   ►Disposable Workwear
   ►First Aid
   ►Fish and Chip Boxes
   ►Pan Liner
   ►Piping Bags (Disposable)
   ►Portion Bags
   ►Take Away and Fast Food products

Labels/Day Portion Bags

Paper Bags
We sell a full range of paper bags designed for the sale of gifts, jewellery, crafts, sweets, and food
products for bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, greengrocers and takeaway establishments.

Printed Boutique Carrier Bags
Printed Boutique Carrier Bags - HDPE 100% Recylable - PPT Exempt

Vest/Supermarket Carrier Bags

Wholesale Food
Please call us 01707 645 904 for more information and prices on items listed below:-
    ►Cup Carriers
    ►Food Containers
    ►Paper Bags
    ►Waiter Pads
    ►Wraps & Sheeted Paper

Wine Bottle Carrier
Card/Paper material - Hologram Design - Rope Handle, 100% Recyclable