Maltese Cross Style Large Letter Boxes

Maltese Cross Style Large Letter Boxes

Maltese Cross Style Large Letter Boxes

Available in C4, FBA Amazon Max, C5, C6 and DL size

These 'maltese cross' style die-cut boxes have been specifically made to save on labour time when packing, and provide a quick and cost-effective solution for items being sent as 
Large letters through the Royal Mail large letter postal system, as well as the Amazon FBA 'Small Envelope' system.

Stacked in a range of sizes (see above), all external dimensions of the boxes meet or fall under the maximum dimensions allowed under Royal Mail large letter regulations.

Items placed inside the boxes are able to remain firmly in place without taking the packaging out of proportion, allowing businesses to save on their postage costs and ensuring the item stays in one piece in a secure box and qualifiy as a large letter,

These boxes are available from stock and are a great solution for businesses looking to save money on postage and labour, while offering a standard presentational solution.

Easy and quick to pack with


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