Carrier Bags (Patch Handle and Vari-gauge)

Carrier Bags (Patch Handle and Vari-gauge)

Retail Carrier Bags (Patch Handle and Varigauge)

We stock a range of retail carrier bags in both Patch Handle and Varigauge.

The film is 100% recycleable and produced with 30% recycled materials 

Patch Handle - Is a cheaper alternative to Varigauge and has a patch block on the inside handle to provide added strength to the construction
Available in 3 sizes in either 30mu or 40mu in a white film

Varigauge - These are premium grade carrier and have a traditional 'Kidney-shaped' handle appearance. The bags are reinforced around the handle and bottom gusset. Bags are 45/90mu on the reinforced area for added strength. Available in various sizes and 10 different colour options

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