Waste/Refuse Sacks / Bin Liners

Waste/Refuse Sacks / Bin Liners

Waste/Refuse Sacks / Bin Liners

We stock a range of Black, Clear and Coloured Refuse Sacks in popular gauges at competitive prices.

We also stock a large Compactor Sack in both Black and Clear.

Other products in this range include Swing/Pedal and Square Bin lIners, Rubble Sacks, Jumbo Sacks and a Yellow Clinical Waste Sack on a Roll.


A full range of:-

1. Black Refuse Sacks (flat packed and on-a-roll)
2. Black Compactor Sacks
3. Wheelie Bin Liners
4. Clear Refuse Sacks (flat packed)
5. Clear Compactor Sacks
6. Coloured Refuse Sacks (5 colour types)
7. Pedal/Swing and Square Bin Liners
8. Grey Builders'/Rubble Sacks
9. Green Garden Sacks (on a roll)
10. Jumbo Black Compactor Sacks
11. Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks x 500 (on a roll)


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