Leno Woven Netting Bags

Leno Woven Netting Bags
The woven leno sacks also called net bags, are ideal for packaging lots of different products across a variety of different sectors. The sacks are a great packaging solution for things like shellfish and crustaceans, firewood, construction products, and agricultural products and produce.
Leno sacks are also even more informally known as onion or potato bags due to their common use in the agricultural sector. The bags are great for packaging fruit and vegetables due to a number of different properties they that they have. 
Available in the following sizes/colours:-
35x50cm Red
42x60cm Orange
45x60cm Orange
45x60cm Red
45x60cm Green
45x60cm Green with 'Traditional Firewood' label
45x70cm Green
46x65cm Green
52x82cm Red
52x82cm Green
52x84cm Orange
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